Urgent Message from the Parish Council

Planning applications for 170 new homes in Christleton (60 at the Law College and 110 at Beechmore Nurseries) have been submitted.  For more information and what you can do about these proposals follow the link to the Planning Flyer.  This flyer has also been distributed to all households to ensure the community is aware of these proposals and giving them an opportunity to send in their comments.

  • Beechmoor Nurseries Planning Application – An objection to the Beechmoor Nurseries proposal for an assisted living/care facility was approved and submitted by the Parish Council to CWAC Planning Authority 
  • Christleton Hall Planning Application – Following discussion by the Parish Council who oppose this application it was agreed that the Planning Sub Group would meet to look at the plans in detail and prepare a submission objecting to the proposals to be approved at the November meeting of the Parish Council.

Planning - update

Decisions are awaited for following: Beechmoor Nurseries site for assisted living facility and Christleton Hall development to build 60 dwellings and conversion of Christleton Hall.

The Parish Council has forward comprehensive documents outlining their objections to both these applications.

Proposed New Parliamentary Electoral Boundaries for the City of Chester

Last chance to have your say on Parliamentary constituency boundaries

Did you know Parliamentary constituency boundaries are changing to make them fairer and more equal?  You can view the Boundary Commission for England’s proposals and see what other people have already said about your local area online here: www.bce2018.org.uk.

You will find an interactive map that’s quick and easy to use to respond to the consultation in minutes.

These proposals are a result of your feedback from public consultations in September 2016 and March 2017.

This the last chance to have your say.

The Boundary Commission for England is an independent body that is reviewing proposals to reduce the number of constituencies in England to make them more of an equal size.

Update on Christleton Traffic Proposals and Road Safety

Work continues on finding ways to alleviate the traffic issues in Christleton and a survey of potential locations to site SID machines has been carried out and will be implemented in the near future.


There are still two vacancies on Christleton Parish Council waiting to be filled – YOU can help shape the future of your community by being part of a very active group of people working tirelessly on behalf of the residents of Christleton to keep the village a safe and pleasant environment for all who live there. –INTERESTED please contact the Clerk

Boughton Heath Allotment Colony

There are still TWO full plots and THREE half plots available to rent – anyone looking for an allotment please contact the Clerk for further details

Diary dates

The next meetings of King George's Fields Trustees and the Parish Council are on : Tuesday 5th December 2017 & Tuesday 9th January 2018