Planning - update

Beechmoor Nurseries application for assisted living development has been refused

Christleton Hall Development (former Law College) – amended application submitted 

The Parish Council has submitted their objections to the amended proposals to the planning application as follows:

Christleton Parish Council has considered the revisions to these planning applications submitted on 29 January 2018.  It does not believe that these revisions address the objections previously submitted.  In particular The Applicant still has not demonstrated that there is no alternative Educational or Employment use for the site.  The Parish Council is of the view that any development outside the existing footprints and envelopes is inappropriate development in the Green Belt and the changes to the scheme The Applicant's proposals for fewer but larger (and therefore more expensive) houses make the scheme even more inappropriate as a way to meet housing needs in Christleton.  

Christleton Parish Council therefore continues to object to these applications on the same basis as its previous submission.  Should planning permission be granted, Christleton Parish Council requests that the same Conditions and s106 Agreements specified in its previous Objections be sought.

Update on Christleton Traffic Proposals and Road Safety

Christleton Village Surveys

1. Speed - Results of the Traffic Survey carried out by CWAC Highway in November following the 20mph speed limit, being in place for one year, the results were expected in January 2018.  We have now been told that the earliest we may see them is July 2018.  Representations are being made by CWAC Cllr Stuart Parker to expedite this matter – for a full report and other traffic and road safety issues please see February minutes.

2. Parking - A survey of local businesses and organisations has been circulated and when all the replies are received the information will be collated and reported back to the Parish Council

A41 Speeding - the police continue to operate night time camera vans – results awaited

A55 BRIDGE OVER A41 – NOISE - following the intervention of the Parish Council with Highways England this matter has now been resolved: the road repaired and the noise has gone.


King George's Field - Little Heath Playing Area

Swan Sculpture

Unfortunately it has come to the notice of the Parish Council that the wooden swan sculpture at Little Heath Play area is rotten, so it has been removed for safety reasons.  Over the course of the next few months the Council will look for an alternative feature to replace the swan.

Parish Council's Open Morning - Saturday 21st April 2018

The Open Morning will be held this year on Saturday, 21st April, 2018 from 10.0 am to 12 noon in the Parish Hall


There are still two vacancies on Christleton Parish Council waiting to be filled – YOU can help shape the future of your community by being part of a very active group of people working tirelessly on behalf of the residents of Christleton to keep the village a safe and pleasant environment for all who live there. – INTERESTED please contact the Clerk

Boughton Heath Allotment Colony

There are still TWO full plots and THREE half plots available to rent – anyone looking for an allotment please contact the Clerk for further details

Diary dates

The next meetings of King George's Fields Trustees and the Parish Council are on : Tuesday  6th March and 3rd April 2018

The Parish Council's Open Morning will be held on Saturday, 21st April, 2018 from 10.0 am to 12 noon in the Parish Hall