Update on Traffic/Road Safety - Village Meetings

Two well attended Meetings were held (Wednesday, 6th February 2019) to present ideas on potential solutions to the complex traffic/road safety issues in Christleton. The presentations were followed by a ‘clarification’ question and answer session with a great number of the audience taking part, with both questions and suggestions on traffic management within Christleton.

The information presented and discussed at the meetings can be viewed and/or down loaded by following the relevant links.

The Parish Council will now set up a Traffic Working Party of up to eight members, which will comprise of two Parish Councillor and the remainder of the group comprising of residents across the entire village, traffic creators, businesses, organisations, schools, churches etc., to work on the four recommendations outlined in the presentation and then to bring their findings back to the village for them to decide by way of a referendum.

Planning Applications and Appeals

  • Christleton Hall Planning Application (re-submission) – CW&C full Planning Committee met on Thursday, 24th January to consider this application and decided to refuse it for the second time.  The Parish Council will be monitoring this issue closely to see if the developers launch a further appeal against this decision.  The first refused application has already been appealed by the developers. Further details are not available at this time.
  • Beechmoor Nurseries, Whitchurch Road – the application to build 111 assisted living care apartments and bungalows with associated car parking, landscaping and amenity spaces which was refused in November 2017 – This refusal decision has been appealed and the hearing into the appeal is scheduled for Tuesday, 19th February 2019 at 10.0 am at CW&C Wyvern House, The Drumber, Winsford.  The Planning Inspector is to hear the appeal for the application to demolish the existing garden centre buildings and redevelop the site to provide 111 care apartments and bungalows.  The Parish Council has submitted an additional submission confirming their opposition to this development.  Two Councillors will attend the hearing on behalf of the Parish Council



New Parish Councillors

The Chairman is very pleased to welcome Mike McGarva on to the Parish Council. Mike was co-opted on the Council at the February meeting.

As previously reported Kate Sinclair was co-opted on to the Parish Council at the January meeting.


Little Heath Play Area - Les George OBE Award

The trustees are delighted to announce that this year Little Heath Play Area and bike track have won the Les George OBE award.

This award is made in memory of Les George OBE, a former Chairman of the Cheshire County Playing Fields Association

Entry to the competition is open to any member of Cheshire County Playing Fields Association, whether Parish or Town council, sports club or organisation – indeed anybody or group involved in the management of playing fields, children’s playgrounds or sports grounds.


Funding of the King George's Fields

As part of Waitrose’s community charity campaign King Georges Field’s Trust has been chosen as one of the three charities for their November campaign.  This is a great boost toward helping with the upkeep of the fields and particularly Little Heath Play Area, the ongoing maintenance of which takes a great deal of money.

The Trustee continues to find additional ways to raise funds to assist with the upkeep of the Playing Fields which includes Little Heath Play Area – Ideas and suggestions from residents would be welcome.  Please contact the Clerk with your suggestions.

Permanent Poppy Wreath

A permanent reminder of the fallen from the village during the first world war has been commissioned. The poppy wreath will have 51 individual poppies with the initials of one of the fallen servicemen engraved on each poppy.

Thanks to CWAC Councillors Stuart & Margret Parker and Mr & Mrs David Cummings for their very generous donations toward the cost of this memorial, these are very gratefully received.

Boughton Heath Allotment Colony

All plots are now occupied.  When plots become vacant they are offered to those on the waiting list first before they are advertised more widely.  To join the waiting list please contact the Clerk

Diary dates

The next meetings of King George's Fields Trustees and the Parish Council are on : Tuesday   5th March and 2nd Aptril 2019