Parish Council Annual Governance and Accounts Statements 2018/19

Christleton Parish Council is designated as a "smaller authority" on the basis of its annual budget and is required to publish its annual statements on Governance and Accounts.  The details of public rights and publication is given in this Notice

The Statements are in two sections and can be viewed by following the links

Section 1 - Governance and Section 2 - Accounts

Update on Traffic & Road Safety

  • Traffic Working Group – Group members have been allocated their various roles. They are looking at visual appearance of traffic calming ideas, working solutions for congestion, parking and pollution monitoring and ways of changing driver attitudes.
  • They are working with CWAC Highways Officer on proposals for parking restrictions through the “S” bends in the village – testing will take place towards the end of September.
  • TWG has formerly requested that CWAC Highways provide indicative costs to extend and possibly deepen the existing Toast Rack on Village Road and provide costs for this type of parking at two locations on Quarry Lane.

Parish Council Meetings

  • A change of format for Parish Council Meeting has now taken place, it has been agreed to incorporate King George’s Field Trust meeting into the main Parish Council Meeting – this will give residents who are not aware of the role of King George’s Fields Trust the opportunity of engaging and familiarising themselves with the work of the Trust.
  • There is no Parish Council Meeting in August and the date of the next meeting it Tuesday, 3rd September 2019 in the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Fishing at The Pit

Again, this year we are experiencing anti-social behaviour and unauthorised fishing at The Pit. Anyone observing any anti-social behaviour or illegal activities at  The Pit can contact our PCSO Jack Makin by ringing the non-emergency 101 number or by email to:

Funding of the King George's Fields

The Trustee continues to find additional ways to raise funds to assist with the upkeep of the Playing Fields which includes Little Heath Play Area – Ideas and suggestions from residents would be welcome.  Please contact the Clerk with your suggestions.

Boughton Heath Allotment Colony

All plots are now occupied.  When plots become vacant they are offered to those on the waiting list first before they are advertised more widely.  To join the waiting list please contact the Clerk

Diary dates

There is no Parish Council Meeting in August.  The next combined meeting of King George's Fields Trustees and the Parish Council is on : Tuesday   3rd September in the Methodist Church Hall at 7.30 p.m.